Who Won Between Gretzky And Ovechkin?

How many goals behind Gretzky is Ovechkin?

We’ll see.

It’s incredible to contemplate, but Ovechkin’s relentless scoring since he arrived in the NHL in 2005 has put Gretzky’s all-time goal mark in jeopardy.

Ovechkin, who turned 35 in September, has 706 career goals.

He needs 189 to pass Gretzky..

Who is the greatest goal scorer of all time NHL?

GretzkyFor now, though, Gretzky is the answer. He has 894 career goals, 93 more than anybody else. And Howe, who is second on the list, played 290 more games than Gretzky. Sure, Gretzky played in a different era than Ovi, where goals were easier to come by, but he could play only to the constraints of the time.

Does Ovechkin have a kid?

Sergei OvechkinAlexander Ovechkin/Children

How close is Ovechkin to Gretzky?

If Ovechkin continues to produce over multiple seasons, he could potentially challenge Wayne Gretzky, whose 894 goals in 1,487 games (. 60 goals per game) are the most in NHL history. Ovechkin has 636 through 1,036 games and would need 258 goals, an average of 36 for the next seven seasons, to tie Gretzky.

How many times did Gretzky win the Stanley Cup?

Won four Stanley Cup championships with the Edmonton Oilers (1984-1985, 1987-1988) and was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy (NHL Playoff MVP) twice (1985 and 1988). Awarded the Hart Trophy (NHL MVP) nine times (1980-1987, 1989). Won the Art Ross Trophy (NHL scoring title) 10 times (1981-1987, 1990-1991, 1994).

Why do hockey players lose their teeth?

“They’re not designed to keep the teeth in the mouth.” When players do get hit in the mouth with a stick or puck during a game, they are moments away from getting professional treatment from a team dentist and perhaps an oral surgeon.

Who won Gretzky or Ovechkin?

With more than 300,000 watching their EA Sports NHL 20 showdown via a livestream on the Washington Capitals’ Twitch channel, Gretzky won the first game 5-4 in overtime before Ovechkin rebounded with a 4-1 victory. While it was initially going to be a best-of-three series, they elected to end things after the two games.

Who is the oldest player in the NHL?

List of oldest National Hockey League playersGordie Howe, pictured here in 1966, played his final NHL game at 52.Lester Patrick served as a replacement goaltender in the 1928 Stanley Cup Finals. … Zdeno Chara has been the oldest active NHL player since July 2019.Joe Thornton is the second-oldest active player in the NHL.

Who has more points Ovechkin or Crosby?

Ovechkin has 30 goals, 21 assists, and 51 points in 52 games against Pittsburgh with Crosby in the lineup. He has 15 even strength goals and 14 on the power play, and also one short-handed goal. Surprisingly only one out of his 30 goals against Crosby was the game winner.

Has anyone beat Gretzky’s record?

Broken Records Gretzky’s record of 15 regular season overtime assists has now been passed by three players. They are Nicklas Lidstrom (16), Adam Oates (17), and Mark Messier (18). Joe Sakic (16), Mark Messier (14), and Ray Bourque (13) have passed Gretzky’s record (12) for most All-Star game assists.

Which hockey player has won the most Stanley Cups?

Henri RichardHenri Richard of the Canadiens, with his name engraved eleven times, played on more Stanley Cup champions than any other player.

Can Ovechkin pass Gretzky?

At 706 career goals, Ovechkin is still far from reaching Gretzky’s record. If he can average 32 goals-per-season in the next six seasons, he will pass Gretzky’s record.

How did Alex Ovechkin lose his tooth?

Ovechkin broke his first tooth during a game against the Atlanta Thrashers in the 2006-07 season. Despite the fact that the medical team yanked out the remaining part of the tooth and gave him 14 stitches, Ovechkin wasn’t bothered.

Who has the most NHL goals of all time?

Wayne GretzkyNHL History – Goals LeadersGoals LeadersRKPLAYERG1Wayne Gretzky8942Gordie Howe8013Jaromir Jagr76622 more rows

Who is Alex Ovechkin’s wife?

Anastasia Shubskayam. 2016Alexander Ovechkin/Wife