Are Louboutins Comfortable Reddit?

What are the easiest heels to walk in?

Wedge Heel Wedge heels are easier to walk in, and comfier to wear.

The wedge is a great alternative to a stiletto if you’re planning on wearing them for any length of time.

Wedge shoes can appear a little chunky, and are best worn with flowing maxi skirts or dresses..

Does the red sole on Louboutins wear off?

On the Christian Louboutin website, under “Product Care,” the brand states “red lacquer on our soles will wear off with the use of the shoes,” and recommends customers consult with a leather care professional for specific advice.

Should I size up in Louboutins?

The Louboutin fit is generally true to size up to the size 38 if you have narrow feet. However, if you have wider feet you’ll want to go up a whole size to a size in a half. … I would recommend going up at least a full size. I’m a 9.5 womens so a 39.5EU and I’m comfortable in a 40.

Are Louboutins worth it Reddit?

Overall – I like them and have a few but I think they’re over hyped and there’s a lot of other designer shoes that are more comfortable. Waste of money, also you can’t afford them if you are working 2 jobs and it will take a months worth of rent. ‘ almost a month’s worth of rent. ‘

Are Louboutins worth the money?

6. They are costly – but get them before they get costlier. Christian Louboutin heels have always been expensive, and their price has only been increasing considerably. These shoes also have a high resale value and are perfect for investment.

Are Louboutins comfy?

Are Louboutin Pumps Comfortable? There is high heel comfort and there is Louboutin pumps high heel comfort. … They are, by far, my favourite style among all Louboutin pumps because they are reasonably practical and highly wearable despite the 10 cm heel.

Which designer heels are the most comfortable?

10 Comfortable High Heels Editors Swear ByRosie Heel. Sarah Flint … Lido Sandals by Bottega Veneta. Courtesy. … The City Sandal. Margaux NY … Suede Kitten-Heel Pump. Marion Parke … Bullia Platform-Sole Satin-Faced Leather Sandal. … Grand Ambition Pump. … Dylan Leather Mule. … Woven Leather Sandal.More items…•

What makes Louboutin shoes so expensive?

From 2008 to 2013, he said his company’s production costs had doubled as the euro strengthened against the dollar, and competition increased for quality materials from factories in Asia. David Mesquita, the co-owner of Leather Spa, says craftsmanship also plays a part in the shoes’ high price tag.

Do red bottoms fade?

The red bottoms are NOT permanent. The bottoms are made with glossy lacquer, once you start wearing your shoes, they will peel off. When people see the bottom of Loubs that has suffered wear and tear, they assume they are FAKE/COUNTERFEIT. That is not always the case.

How can you tell if your Louboutins are fake?

The stitches should be tight and uniform throughout the shoes. On fake shoes, there may be double stitching or large, uneven stitches. The leather should be of the best quality and shaped perfectly. A telltale sign of fake ones is low quality leather where the uppers look rippled as they do in the fake ones above.

Are high end shoes worth it?

“These are truly worth an investment,” says Reid. “Better shoes do not necessarily cost more, but are generally more expensive if they’re made with multiple factors in mind.”

Which Louboutin is most comfortable?

By far the Peep-toe (older style don’t remember the name) 110mm is the most comfortable out of these 3. The heel is the highest out of these but also has a platform and thicker heel. I feel the peep-toe helps the pressure of the front of the foot as well.

Do Louboutin spikes fall off?

From my experience & proper usage. No it’s not.